Professor Amanda Claridge

Research interests

Roman archaeology, especially art, marble sculpture and the marble trade; Roman architecture and urbanism; topography and monuments of the city of Rome and Latium. Antiquarian studies in 16th and 17th century Rome.

Current projects: 

Archaeology of the Laurentine shore

 A long-term study of the development and significance of Imperial Rome's ‘maritime facade’, the villa landscape south of the Tiber mouth at Ostia. Fieldwork in 1984-1993 concentrated on the Vicus Augustanus, a small coastal town of the 1st-5th centuries AD, extensively excavated in 1875-1913 but never published. Two new excavations at the Vicus in 1995-1999 collected evidence for the full chronology of occupation and economic status of the town. A third phase, started in 2002, is combining topographical modelling with geomorphological and environmental analyses to define a chronology for the evolution of the coastline and investigate the interaction between the natural and built environments in the Roman period.


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Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo

A catalogue raisonné of c. 8000 drawings and 6000 prints of Roman antiquities, architecture and natural history, assembled in Rome between c. 1620 and 1689 by Cassiano dal Pozzo and his brother Carlo Antonio. The ‘Paper Museum’ is a major documentary source for the history of Classical scholarship and science, seventeenth-century perspectives on antiquity and the natural world, the archaeology of the city of Rome and pre-Winckelmann interpretations of Roman art. 

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