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Alistair was awarded his PhD in 2016 studying at Royal Holloway under the supervison of Professor Chris Rumford. 

Alistair has been course convenor for modules on Political Sociology, Advanced Readings in Globalisation, Introduction to Global Studies, Introduction to International Relations and International Organisations. He also continues to work as a research assistant for the Global Studies Association. 

His PhD takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the role of transnational cultural networks in the development of cultural relations between Europe and its Southern neighbours. In it, he explores the relationship between EuroMed developments and the emergence of a strategic narrative on culture at the EU level and re-examines the significance of the Anna Lindh Foundation as a source of networking and as partner in the development of European cultural relations. 

Alistair's research interests include global sociology, transnational politics, EU cultural policy and external cultural relations, global cultural policy, international and regional cooperation, and democratisation and civil society. 

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