Miss Alice Carter-Champion

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Research interests

I am a recipient of a NERC PhD studentship (London NERC DTP) and am based at Royal Holloway and UCL. I am supervised by David Thornalley (UCL), Ian Matthews and Adrian Palmer (both RHUL).

My current research focuses on the North Atlantic region and its surrounding landmasses. I hope to improve understandings of how the Polar Front migrated during the Last Glacial Interglacial Transition, with a particular focus on the Younger Dryas climate event (broadly synchronous to GS-1). This will be done through a combination of primary data collection and a synthesis of already-published datasets.

I am employing a network of high-resolution records for the Younger Dryas from both marine cores and lake sediment archives, using a variety of techniques for environmental reconstruction (primarily sedimentology, tephrochronology, foraminfera and some biomarker work).

This will aim to improve understandings of the variability in oceanic circulation during this cold event, and how this may propagate spatially across both the North Atlantic and within NW Europe. 


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