Dr Alexis Papazoglou

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Before Joining Royal Holloway as a lecturer in philosophy, I was an affiliated lecturer at the philosophy faculty of the University of Cambridge (2013 -2015), a director of studies in philosophy at Jesus College, Cambridge (2013 - 214) and a post-doctoral teaching associate at Girton College, Cambridge (2014 - 2015).

My research interests lie broadly in the post-Kantian tradition, including Hegel, Husserl and Heidegger, as well as the Neo-Kantian tradition including Windelband and Rickert. What I am mainly interested in is how these thinkers understand the relationship between nature and mind, the scope of scientific explanations and how their thought relates to contemporary debates surrounding the nature of naturalism.

In my published work to date, taking a cue from John McDowell's Mind and World, I offer a critique of scientific, as well as liberal varieties of naturalism, and put forward an interpretation of Hegel's philosophy as an alternative to naturalism.

I also have research interests in philosophy of science, skepticism and the philosophy of mind.

From January 2016 - December 2017 I was a researcher for "Idealism and the Philosophy of Mind", part of the “New Directions in the Study of Mind” project, funded by the Templeton foundation and hosted by the faculty of philosophy at the University of Cambridge. This project explored a form of non-reductionism which has its roots in the idealist tradition and which challenges the view that a defence of the autonomy of the human sciences must be launched from a naturalist platform. It argues for a form of post-Kantian non-reductionism in the philosophy of mind, which articulates a conception of philosophy as a second-order enquiry whose task is to make explicit the first principles at work in different forms of enquiry. A collection of papers engaging with this project can be found in a forthcoming issue of Inquiry,  co-edited by me Giuseppina D'Oro and Paul Giladi. More information on the project can be found here https://idealismsite.wordpress.com/


Lecturing and Leading Seminar Groups

  • -  The European Trajectory and Scientism (MA level, 10 seminars)

  • -  Husserl and Heidegger (3rd year, 10 lectures and 10   seminars)

  • -  Critical Theory and Hermeneutics (3rd year, 10 lectures and 10 seminars)

  • -  Kant and Hegel (2nd year, 10 lectures and 30 seminars)

  • -  Critiques of Idealism (2nd year, 10 lectures and 10 seminars)

  • -  Early Modern Philosophy (1st year, 10 lectures and 30 seminars)

  • -  Mind and Consciousness (1st year, 10 lectures)


One-to-one Supervising

Supervisor of undergraduate and graduate philosophy dissertations.


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