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Research interests

Alex’s thesis is entitled Staging the Systemic: Violence and Performativity in 2010s British Theatre, which received a pass without amendment. His areas of research are on theatrical intersections with, and representations of, protest, environmental exploitation, neoliberalism, European identity, racism, and gender based violence.

He has been part of the editorial team for Platform, Royal Holloway's PGR/ECR journal for theatre and performance studies, and co-edited the vol. 16, no. 1 edition with Lianna Mark, titled 'Within Limits'.

Alex has directed several productions for the Lincoln Company and KCL, and performed in two site-specific performances supported by the BBC. 


Educational background

Alex is currently a department-funded PhD student at Royal Holloway, following Masters and Bachelor degrees from Kings College London and the University of Lincoln respectively.


Theatre & Text 1 - Royal Holloway (2019-2022)

Other work


'Site-Specific and Site-Related', The Routledge Companion to 20th Century Theatre, edited by Lynette Goddard, Catherine Hindson, Clare Cochrane and Trish Reid (expected 2023).

'Satires of Eco-Consciousness and Crises of Childbirth: Florence Keith-Roach's Eggs, Maud Dromgoole's 3 Billion Seconds, and Vivienne Franzmann's Bodies', The New Wave of British Female Playwrights (CDE studies: 2022), edited by Élisabeth Angel-Perez and Aloysia Rousseau.

'Theatre's Dark Matter: Pinter’s “Staging” of Systemic Violence and its Influence in Contemporary British Theatre', Staging Pinter: Stages, Networks, Collaborators (Bloomsbury: 2021), edited by Catriona Fallow and Basil Chiasson. 



'Contemporary Catastrophes: 2010s British Climate Crisis Theatre and Performativity', Contemporary Theatre Review (summer 2022).

'Neoliberal (Dis)Possession in Rose Lewenstein's Cougar', Theatre Notebook (spring 2022).

'Crave at the Chichester Festival Theatre - a performance response', co-authored with Kit Narey, Platform, vol. 15, no. 1 (Oct. 2021).



'Within Limits Roundtable' with Lianna Mark, session for 'Resisting Theatre: Plays, Politics and the Academy' (online) at the University of York (June 2021).

'Satires of Eco-Consciousness and Crises of Childbirth: Florence Keith-Roach Eggs and Maud Dromgoole's 3 Billion Seconds', paper for 'The New Wave of British Women Playwrights: Experimenting with Forms' (online) at the Sorbonne University, Paris (Dec. 2020). 

'Migrant Vagabonds and Devil Tourists: Zinnie Harris' How to Hold Your Breath and the Movement of People in 2010s Europe', for the Zinnie Harris symposium at the University of Lincoln (Nov. 2019).

'Bringing up Debris: Relating Children to Environmental Concerns in Contemporary British Theatre' for 'Cultures of Toxicity' at the University of Warwick (Nov. 2019).

'The Link Between Cultures - Trauma in Contemporary European Plays at London's Royal Court Theatre', for TAPRA 2019 at the University of Exeter (Sept. 2019). 

'Protest in Contemporary Adaptations of Shakespeare's Roman Plays' for the Irish Renaissance Society conference at the University of Belfast (May 2019).

'The Violence of Imagined Europes and Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson’s The Jungle' for 'Fictions of Europe: Imaginary Topographies and Transnational Identities Across the Arts' at VUB Brussels (Mar. 2019).

'Violence and Performativity in Public/Private Interrelation: Collaborations between Baltic and British Theatre in the 2010s' for 'Transnational Influences: Theatrical Interactivity in the Nordic/Baltic Region and Beyond' at the University of Helsinki (Mar. 2019).

'Protests, Framing, and Nonviolence: The Presentation of "Tank Man" in Lucy Kirkwood’s Chimerica and Chris Thorpe’s There Has Possibly Been An Incident' for 'Performance and Protest' at Ulster University (Jan. 2019).

'Theatre’s Dark Matter: Pinter’s “Staging” of Systemic Violence and its Influence in Contemporary British Theatre' for 'Staging Pinter' at the University of Birmingham (Apr. 2018).

'The Panopticon of Janus: Surveying, Consuming, and Images of Violence in the work of Dennis Kelly’ for the Dennis Kelly symposium at the University of Lincoln (Nov. 2017).


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