Mr Alexander Clarke

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Personal profile

My PhD project focusses on the effect of pre-existing structures in the Osa Mélange (SW Costa Rica) on the active deformation in the erosive Middle America subduction zone. This involves detailed study of the mélange through fieldwork, petrography, geochemistry, rock mechanics, and numerical modelling.

I am primarily interested in the detailed internal structures of large-scale fault zones — especially subduction zones — and the physical processes that produce them. I like to take a holistic approach to science, integrating a variety of methods to answer my research questions — while remaining grounded in my detailed field observations.

Educational background

2010 – 2014 MGeol Geology at the University of Leicester First-Class (Honours)

Dissertation (2013): Can a workable genetic classification be developed for mélanges?

MGeol Project (2013 – 2014): Discerning the age of the NW – SE trending mafic dykes at Llanbadrig, north Anglesey. Supervised by Dr Mike Norry.

Research interests

  • Structural geology & tectonics
  • Subduction zone dynamics
  • Rock mechanics
  • Subduction zone geochemistry
  • Mélanges

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