Mr Alexander Clarke

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Personal profile

I am studying the effect of existing structures in the Osa Mélange (Costa Rica) on the active deformation in the erosive Middle America subduction zone. This involves detailed study of the existing fabric of the mélange through fieldwork, petrography and laboratory experiments and comparison with samples collected during IODP expeditions 334 and 344; as well as samples from the seismogenic zone to be extracted on a future expedition. The working hypothesis is that the existing fabric of the mélange concentrates deformation, augmenting the conditions responsible for stick-slip (seismic) or creep (aseismic) behaviour.

I will be studying the deformation at varying depths, using exposed analogues where appropriate, to better understand the controls on plate boundary behaviour. The effect of fluids, temperature & pressure will also be investigated.

Educational background

2010 – 2014 MGeol Geology at the University of Leicester First-Class (Honours)

Dissertation (2013): Can a workable genetic classification be developed for mélanges?

MGeol Project (2013 – 2014): Discerning the age of the NW – SE trending mafic dykes at Llanbadrig, north Anglesey. Supervised by Dr Mike Norry.

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