Dr Alex Newbury

Research interests

BA, LLM, DPhil, Qualified Solicitor (non-practicing)

Dr Alex Newbury was awarded her DPhil in Law, Youth Crime, Referral Orders and Restorative Justice, by the University of Sussex in 2008.

She joined Royal Holloway, University of London in 2008 and is a Lecturer in Criminology and Law.

Research interests

My research centres on youth, crime and risk. The particular focus is the perceptions of young people involved in the youth justice system: how successful are current interventions in preventing recidivism and altering the behaviour and attitudes of young offenders? As such my work is interdisciplinary, and encompasses law, criminology, and social policy. This draws upon expertise from my former career as a solicitor, where I worked in the courts. It also links with my research with Youth Offending Teams and young offenders. I use qualitative, empirical research methods to gain rich and original insight from direct one-to-one interviews with young people and professional stakeholders. I believe this approach is vital in gaining bottom-up perspectives on the impact of social policy, which is usually instigated by top-down reforms from government. 


  • Criminal Justice (UG1 Core Course)
  • Crime and the Law (UG2 Option)
  • Crime Literature and the Media (UG3 Option)
  • Dissertation Supervision (UG3)

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