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London NERC DTP MPhil student at the Centre for Quaternary Research (Department of Geography) supervised by Dr Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway), Professor Simon Blockley (Royal Holloway), Dr Sam Roberson (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland), and Dr Magret Damaschke (British Geological Survey). Originally from Crawley, West Sussex.

My research is primarily focussed on the timing and nature of deglacation on the Antrim Plateau, Northern Ireland, during the Late Glacial period.

We aim to produce a highly detailed geomorphological map of the study region so we can better understand the pattern of ice mass retreat. By extracting cryptotephra samples from key sites, radiocarbon dating core sediments, and cosmogenic nuclide (10Be and/or 36Cl) dating erratic boulders on the plateau, we hope to back up this geomorphological understanding with a high-resolution chronological framework. Hopefully, we will have a much better understanding of how climate and ice stream activity influenced deglaciation in the north of Ireland.

I am happy to answer any questions via the above email address, or you can find me on Twitter @AlexMClark97

Research interests

  • Palaeoglaciology/ glacial geomorphology
  • Tephrochronology
  • Quaternary palaeoclimates and palaeoenvironments
  • Geochronology
  • Sedimentology

Educational background

PhD Geography, Royal Holloway University of London (2022-Present)

Working title: Multiproxy quantification of NW Irish Ice Sheet deglaciation timing and dynamics

Follows 6 months of interdisciplinary training across 8 London institutions, based at University College London (September 2021-March 2022).

MSc Quaternary Science, Royal Holloway University of London (2019-2020)

  • Advanced modules in palaeoclimate, sedimentology and stratigraphy, palaeoecology, and research techniques
  • Short course modules in glaciers and climate, micromorphology, tephrochronology, palynology, and chironomids
  • Dissertation: 'Assessing and expanding the Southern Caucasus Palaeolithic chronological framework using Bayesian age modelling and tephrochronology'

BSc Geography, Royal Holloway University of London (2016-2019)

1st Year:

  • Introductory physical geography modules
  • Introductory human geography modules
  • Field course in Spain

2nd Year:

  • Physical geography modules in environmental systems, GIS, and rivers
  • Human geography module in geopolitics
  • Field course in Sicily, Italy

3rd Year:

  • Physical geography modules in glaciers and climate, environmental change, GIS, and volcanoes
  • Human geography module in geopolitics of the sea
  • Dissertation exploring tephrochronology at a Middle Palaeolithic site in Armenia

Other work

Project Volunteer, Galapagos Conservation Trust (September 2020-Present)

I helped project leaders with communicating scientific materials online to teachers and students, as well carry out some general research on Blue Carbon to help raise awareness of the impact of climate change in ocean ecosystems around the Galapagos Islands.

Research Assisstant, Royal Holloway University of London (July 2018)

I held a research assisstant role for one the the academic staff in the Department of Geography focussed on digital mapping and research in glaciology.

Volunteer Countryside Ranger, West Sussex County Council (March 2016-August 2017)

I was part of a friendly community that aimed to maintain Buchan Country Park in Crawley, West Sussex. We mainly carried out copicing and using natural materials to build fences which served to direct members of the public along established trails as well as keep pests out of the main reserve areas.

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