Dr Albena Kuyumdzhieva

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PhD thesis: Establishing a Common EU Anticorruption Framework: Institutional Enablers and Inhibitors


Albena Kuyumdzhieva’s PhD focused on the institutional drivers that have hampered the adoption of a robust common EU anticorruption approach. Her thesis analyses the reactions of the European Union’s institutions to the need for installing better accountability and transparency standards in three policy cases: the establishment and management of EU decentralised agencies; the adoption of EU criminal antifraud directive and the adoption of regulatory framework for the work of EU lobbyists.

Albena completed her PhD while working full time as an anticorruption adviser. In her professional capacity, she has provided advice to 16 governments in the ENP region, Balkans, Central Asia and West Africa. Some of her key profile positions include: EU High Level Adviser to the Prime Ministers of Moldova and Armenia; Anticorruption Adviser to the EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova, Ukraine and BOMCA, and Head of Office of the Vice-Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee in the European Parliament.





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