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Agnieszka Jakimiak (1987) is a PhD candidate in Royal Holloway, University of London (Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance). She works as a theatre director ("nosexnosolo", 2019, "Gala of '68. Freedom is Luxury", 2018, "Fear Eats the Soul", 2017), an essayist and a playwright and she has been working as a dramaturg with Polish and international theatre directors, such as Oliver Frljić (“The Curse”, 2017, “Un-divine Comedy. Remains”, 2013), Anja Susa (“Blood on the Cat’s Neck”, 2015, “The Republic”, 2019) and Weronika Szczawińska. Her research is focused on traces of censorship and self-censorship within the realm of theatre and performing arts. Her current work combines self-referential analysis and institutional critique and remains focused on interrogating forms of distribution of power and challenging hegemonic practices in theatre. 

Her research is part of ‘Staging Difficult Pasts: Of Narratives, Objects and Public Memory’ project.

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