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Research interests

My work explores capitalist utopianism and model company villages built in interwar England. My doctoral thesis ('Utopia Ltd.? Capitalist Utopianism and Model Company Villages in Interwar England') examines the self-titled workers' paradises of Silver End and East Tilbury, both in Essex, built by capitalists during a period when the political economy was in ideological and functional crisis. These purpose-built, isolated, self-contained, and architecturally innovative villages provided spacious, futuristic, modern housing for workers, but were also hegemonic experiments in social engineering where capitalists harnessed incredible ideological and cultural control over residents. Not only did the company monopolise employment and housing, but also owned and/or directed utilities, recreation, education, healthcare, welfare and social security, financial investment, restaurants and farms, and retail outlets. 

My broader research looks at the history and development of women’s sport in England. My first book, Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England (2018) is the first in-depth study of the formative years of the game and explains how cricket became a new setting for women’s emancipation after achieving electoral equality in 1928.



I was co-ordinator for The Bedford Centre for Women's History (2016-19) and a convenor for the RH Postgraduate History Seminar (2016-19). I am committee member of the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians.



HS2001 History of the British Empire, 1763-1900

HS2112 The Victorians: British History, 1837-1901

HS2234 Modern Girls: Women in Britain, c.1914-1990

HS3406 From Inverts to Perverts: British Queer History, 1885-Present 


  • ‘From Inverts to Perverts: British Queer History, 1885-Present’, third year special subject 2018-19


Educational background

BA (Hons), History – University of Sheffield (2010-2013)

MA by Research, History - Royal Holloway, University of London (2015-2016)

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