Dr Adam Bozson

Supervised by

  • Glen Cowan First/primary/lead supervisor

    1/10/15 → …

Research interests

My PhD is in experimental particle physics as part of the ATLAS collaboration. ATLAS is the largest experiment at the LHC in CERN, Switzerland.

My research focuses on new statistical techniques for use in analysing proton-proton collision events containing t-quarks and Higgs bosons.

I also contribute to the operation of ATLAS, specifically the trigger system, and give public tours when the LHC is not operational.

Educational background

  • Royal Holloway, University of London - PhD in Experimental Particle Physics (2015-2019)
  • University of Oxford (Oriel College) - MPhys Physics (2011-2015)


  • Demonstrator for second year mathematical methods (PH2130)

ID: 25694478