Dr Abigail Wroe

Personal profile

 My research focuses on 2 main areas.

1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I have conducted research around the role of responsibility beliefs, and how interpretations of responsibility influence the decision whether or not to act to prevent harm after the occurrence of an intrusive thought about potential harm. This work is based on the Cognitive Behavioural Model of OCD. I have developed and validated 2 questionnaires which measure responsibility attitudes (Responsibility Attitudes Scale) and responsibility interpretations (Responsibility Interpretations Questionnaire). I have a particular interest in the role of omission bias in obsessionals' and nonobsessionals' decisions whether to act to prevent harm. (Omission bias is the phenomena that failing to act to prevent harm is more acceptable that actively doing something which results in harm.)  I am also conducting research into postnatal OCD.

2. Health Psychology. I have conducted research into medical decision making. That is the factors that influence medical decisions, including the role of omission bias; and how people can be helped to make an evidence-based medical decisions. This work has focused on decisions about predictive testing, treatment decisions, decisions about HRT, immunisation decisions and adherence to medical regimens. I am conducting research to investigate the effectiveness of IAPT interventions for people with long term medical conditions.

ID: 1448317