Former organisational unit. 31/12/11. Taken over by Theatre History


Postal address:
Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey
Phone: +44 1784 414169

The research group brings together a range of approaches and interests reflected in the wide-reaching research outputs by members of the department. Debates around the relationship between the archive and the repertoire, theoretical and methodological approaches to historiography and the place of theatre history in contemporary performance research drive our questions over the following year.

Key research themes:

  • Staging the past in the present
  • Practice and historiography
  • Politics of Memory
  • Sites, sounds and spectacle
  • Heritage

The group meets twice a term, alternating between discussions around selected texts on historiographical practice and meetings in the field, which will include site visits and discussions with archivists, e.g. V&A Theatre collection and heritage performance sites, e.g. theatre at Bury St-Edmunds etc.



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