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Power Systems is a research topic addressing many of the current challenges ranging from climate change to depletion of limited resources, ultimately aiming for a sustainable energy future. It covers a diverse set of topics, ranging from electricity generation to transmission and demand side management. Research in power systems enables a future with vast amounts of renewable generation including wind, photovoltaic and other emerging technologies. This future requires research in order to deliver a stable and reliable transmission system to transport the power and a smarter way of measuring power consumption and altering demand behavior. Through a collaborative approach, the Power Systems Group performs cutting edge research within the department as well as with external contacts from industry and academia.

Research background
Driven by climate change and limitations on the availability of fossil fuels, there have been major developments in research on power systems. New technologies have been developed for the generation, transmission and consumer side. These include renewable generation such as wind and photovoltaic generators, voltage source converters for ACDC power conversion, smart metering and demand side management. Research in power systems concentrates on “keeping the lights on”, maintaining the system frequency around 50Hz, reducing CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels and creating a sustainable future in the way we use and generate electricity.

Research topics

The Power Systems Group currently focuses on the following research fields: generation, transmission, distribution and demand. The research topic around generation includes transmission connected large scale generation, embedded generation in the distribution system or even smaller generation systems. Research on the very small scale structure which is used on photovoltaic panels has strong links with our Nano-Electronics Group. Research on the transmission side includes topics specific to HVDC transmission, other topics may be specific to the conventional HVAC transmission network. Demand side research can consider the impact of smart meters, the capabilities of demand side management as well as the consequences of introducing new types of loads to the network, such as electric vehicles.

Wind farms have grown and have moved further offshore. As the distance to the shore is increasing, HVDC transmission from the wind farms common point of coupling to the main grid gains importance. The introduction of large amounts of wind generation, which is asynchronous leads to many research questions that have been investigated in the past years. The future may bring large scale integration of other renewable sources apart from wind and photovoltaics, which are still in an earlier stage of development. We cannot predict with certainty which generation mix future power systems will run on and how this impacts the transmission system. Demand side management will provide some added flexibility to respond to future challenges. With the government’s 2020 target for renewables we will see more renewable generation.

The Power Systems Group leader, Dr Kuenzel, has previously worked in collaboration with National Grid UK at the Warwick, Wokingham and Leeds offices, during her studies and early career. She has also collaborated as a postdoctoral research associate for the Stable-Net UK-China project and has been funded by the EPSRC. Dr Kuenzel has worked as a consultant for Imperial College London Consultants. During her research at Imperial College London, Dr Kuenzel's research group was awarded a President’s Team Award for Excellence in Research in 2016. She is currently a visiting researcher in the Control and Power Research Group at Imperial College London. The Power Systems Group at Royal Holloway has received a Leverhulme Magna Carta award for research into smart metering.

Working with us

To apply for an MSc by Research or PhD within the Power Systems Group, please email the Head of Group, Dr Kuenzel at with details about your research interests as well as a summary of your academic qualifications (a brief one to two page CV will be useful) and if you are self-funded or require funding. After you have liaised with Dr Kuenzel, you will be able to register an account on Royal Holloway Direct to formally submit your application.

More details on the application process can be found here.

For more information on postdoctoral, fellowship and visiting opportunities, please email the Head of Group, Dr Kuenzel at with your CV and a brief statement of your research interest and career aspirations.




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