1. Research
  2. Evaluating Surrey Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TAMHS)

    Pote, H.

    Surrey County Council: £7,869


    Project: Research

  3. Evaluation of the 'Train the Trainer' Eccentric Viewing Training programme'

    Bradley, C.

    Macular Disease Society: £18,011


    Project: Research

  4. Exploratory Investigation of how young people use health information websites

    Langdon, D.

    Multiple Sclerosis Trust: £4,500


    Project: Research

  5. Extending computational models of visual word recognition

    Davis, C. J.

    Royal Society: £2,250


    Project: Research

  6. Eye Say: Investigating language production processes in typical and atypical development

    Norbury, C.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £328,497


    Project: Research

  7. Eye-volution: A creative intervention for young people with disabilities

    Holmes, T. & Zanker, J.

    British Academy: £7,178


    Project: Research

  8. Eyewitness testimony by adults with autism spectrum disorder – Dr K Maras Post Doctoral Fellowship

    Memon, A.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £83,917


    Project: Research

  9. Following their hearts: Are babies aware of their bodies from the inside?

    Tsakiris, M. & Maister, L.

    Bial Foundation: £37,121


    Project: Research

  10. Global Research Network: Toward a Universal Model of Reading

    Rastle, K.

    Sogang University: £19,438, Sogang University: £22,479, Sogang University: £26,485


    Project: Research

  11. Group Mindfulness Based Therapy for distressing persecutory delusions: A pilot study for a randomised controlled trial

    Ellett, L. & Kingston, J.

    National Institute for Health Research (NIHR): £18,158


    Project: Research

  12. How do Anatomical Constraints Affect Visual Word Identification?

    Davis, C. J.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £81,462


    Project: Research

  13. How do brains encode the distinctive movements of facial expressions?

    Furl, N.

    Bial Foundation: £35,000


    Project: Research

  14. How do depression and anxiety symptoms relate to disability and employment in Multiple Sclerosis

    Langdon, D.

    Multiple Sclerosis Society: £10,000


    Project: Research

  15. How do readers code letter position?

    Davis, C. J. & Lupker, S. J.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £81,104


    Project: Research

  16. How is symmetry processed and how does that influence visual preference?

    Zanker, J.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £26,288


    Project: Research

  17. HYPHEN: Hyper Reality Production Tools for Immersive Experiences

    Lycett, M. & Dalton, P.

    Innovate UK: £53,240


    Project: Research

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