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  1. Doctoral Thesis › Research
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    The Obsidian Evidence for the Scale of Social Life during the Palaeolithic

    Moutsiou, TH., 2011, (Unpublished) 378 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

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  11. Unpublished

    The potential of tephrostratigraphy in the investigation of wetland archaeological records.

    Matthews, I., 31 Mar 2009, (Unpublished)

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

  12. Unpublished

    The practice and the reproduction of tourist landscapes in contemporary Japan

    Yasue, E., 2011, (Unpublished) 328 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

  13. Unpublished
  14. Unpublished

    The Tephrostratigraphy of Three, Late Quaternary, Mediterranean Marine Cores

    Satow, C., 2012, (Unpublished) 361 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

  15. Unpublished
  16. Unpublished
  17. Unpublished

    The Western Palaearctic evolution of the water vole Arvicola

    Ruddy, M., 2011, (Unpublished) 397 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

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  20. Unpublished
  21. Unpublished

    Women and ICT in Muslim Countries: Policies, Practices and Challenges

    Abbasi, S., 1 Mar 2012, (Unpublished) 470 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

  22. Master's Thesis › Research
  23. Unpublished
  24. Published

    A Political Ecology of Water Struggles in Durban, South Africa

    Loftus, A. J., 2005

    Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

  25. Unpublished
  26. Unpublished
  27. Published

    Mobile ‘phones and rural health workers in Peru: The Potential of m-Health in isolated rural areas of Peru

    Crespo, D., 2011, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. 362 p.

    Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

  28. Unpublished
  29. Published

    Running as Transport

    Cook, S., Sep 2014

    Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

  30. Unpublished
  31. Unpublished
  32. Book › Research
  33. Published

    A European Geography

    Unwin, T. (ed.), 1998, London: Addison, Wesley, Longman. 387 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  34. Published

    A Maya wooden figure from Belize

    Stuart, G. E., Housley, R. A., Oakes, R. S., Frumker, B. & Ciaramella, M. A., 1999, Washington, D.C: Center for Maya Research.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  35. Published

    Advances in Quaternary Entomology

    Elias, S. A., 2010, Elsevier. 307 p. (Developments in Quaternary Sciences; vol. 12)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  36. Published

    Aerial Life: Spaces, Mobilities, Affects

    Adey, P., 2010, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  37. Published

    Against Creativity

    Mould, O., 2018, Verso.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  38. In preparation

    Agamben and Geography. Sovereignty, Biopolitics and the Spatialities of Exception

    Minca, C., 2016, (In preparation) I.B. Tauris.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  39. Forthcoming


    Adey, P., 2013, (Accepted/In press) London: Reaktion Books.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  40. Published

    An Atlas of Industrial Protest in Britain, 1750–1990

    Charlesworth, A. (ed.), Gilbert, D. (ed.), Randall, A. (ed.), Southall, H. (ed.) & Wrigley, C. (ed.), 24 Jan 1996, Palgrave Macmillan. 256 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  41. Published

    Antarctic Palaeoenvironments and Earth-Surface Processes

    Hambrey, M. J., Barker, P. F., Barrett, P. J., Bowman, V., Davies, B. J., Smellie, J. L. & Tranter, M., 4 Dec 2013, Geological Society of London Special Publication. 506 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  42. Published

    Aquatic Ecosystems and Development: Comparative Asian perspectives

    Simon, D., Schiemer, F., Amarasinghe, U. & Moreau, J., 2008, Backhuys Publishers. 508 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  43. Published

    Aquatic Ecosystems and Development: Comparative Asian Perspectives

    Schiemer, F. (ed.), Simon, D. (ed.), Amarasinghe, U. S. (ed.) & Moreau, J. (ed.), 2008, Leiden: Backhuys Publishers. 508 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  44. Published

    Archaeology the basics

    Gamble, C., 2005, Japanese ed. Tokyo: Tuttle Mori Agency.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  45. Published

    Archaeology: The basics

    Gamble, C., 2008, 2nd ed. London: Routledge.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  46. Published

    Archaeology: The Basics

    Gamble, C., 2001, London: Routledge.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  47. Published

    Badlands of the Republic: Space, Politics and Urban Policy

    Dikec, M., 2007, Wiley-Blackwell. 240 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  48. Published

    Beyond Domestication: subsistence archaeology and social complexity in prehistoric Europe

    Gamble, C. (ed.) & Barker, G. (ed.), 1985, London: Academic Press.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  49. Published

    Border Wars: The conflicts that will define our tomorrow

    Dodds, K., 25 Feb 2021, First ed. London: Ebury Books . 320 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  50. Published

    Breve Manuale di Geografia Umana

    Minca, C. & Colombino, A., 2012, Padua: CEDAM . 264 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  51. Published

    Bringing geography to book: Ellen Semple and the reception of geographical knowledge

    Keighren, I. M., 31 Aug 2010, London: I.B.Tauris. 272 p. (Tauris Historical Geography Series; vol. 4)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  52. Published

    Challenges and Change in Middle America: Perspectives on Development in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

    McIlwaine, C. & Willis, K., 2002, Addison, Wesley, Longman. (DARG Series)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  53. Published

    Christian Pilgrimage, Landscape, and Heritage: Journeying to the Sacred

    Maddrell, A., Della Dora, V., Scafi, A. & Walton, H., 2014, Routledge. 204 p.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

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