1. SE Asia Consortium 2008-2010

    Hall, R.

    Industrial Consortium: £960,000


    Project: Research

  2. SE Asia Consortium 2007

    Hall, R.

    Industrial Consortium: £440,000


    Project: Research

  3. Science-based environmental baseline monitoring associated with shale gas development

    Lowry, D.

    Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: £32,150, Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £36,540


    Project: Research

  4. River deltas prograding in tidal seaways and straits: towards a conceptual depositional model

    Longhitano , S. G., Steel, R. J., Chiarella, D., Rossi, V., Dalrymple, B. W., Mellere, D., Tropeano, M. & Olariu, C.

    1/06/15 → …

    Project: Research

  5. Rhenium isotopes to track carbon dioxide emissions by oxidative weathering

    Dickson, A.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £264,380


    Project: Research

  6. Research into a new perspective in the paleogene stratigraphy of south-eastern Nigeria

    Nichols, G.

    University of London Central Research Fund: £4,240


    Project: Research

  7. Research Fellowship funding for Dr Steve Smith

    Smith, S.

    King's College London: £113,500


    Project: Research

  8. Research Fellows Enhanced Research Expenses 2021

    Koelemeijer, P.

    Royal Society: £169,164


    Project: Research

  9. Rainforest response to Pennsylvanian Global Warming

    Falcon-Lang, H.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £441,225


    Project: Research

  10. Quantifying the light scattering and atmospheric oxidation rate of real organic films on atmospheric aerosol

    King, M.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £290,343


    Project: Research

  11. Quantifying methane emissions in remote tropical settings: a new 3D approach

    Nisbet, E., Lowry, D. & Fisher, R.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £271,185


    Project: Research

  12. Pyrogeography – evolution and diversification of fire on Earth

    Bowman, D. M. J. S. & Scott, A. C.


    Project: Research

  13. Probing Earth’s earliest ecosystems: a multi-proxy study of the 2.7 Ga Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe

    Nisbet, E.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £115,536


    Project: Research

  14. POLYGRAM: POLYisotopologues of GReenhouse gases: Analysis and Modelling

    Lowry, D., Nisbet, E. & Fisher, R.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £90,416


    Project: Research

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