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    Design of Fast Chip Calorimetry Accessory for In-situ X-ray Nanobeam Experiments

    Odarchenko, Y., Rosenthal, M., Doblas, D., Hernandez, J., G, P., Di Cola, E., Burghammer, M., Soloviev, M. & Ivanov, D. A., 2014.

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    Regulatory processes underscoring the light control of shoot meristem activity and leaf initiation

    Lopez Juez, E., Dillon, E., Magyar, Z., Khan, S., Hazeldine, S., Murray, J. A., Beemster, G. T., Bogre, L. & Shanahan, H., Jun 2009, p. S205-S205. 1 p.

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    Thermo-responsive tag for on demand release of immobilized proteins

    Saccardo, A., Soloviev, M. & Ferrari, E., 11 Jan 2021.

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    Cancerous cells, Neanderthal DNA and the Tradition of Byzantine Medicine. Textual criticism in philology and genomics

    Zipser, B. & Markowetz, F., 17 Jun 2013, Medical Books in the Byzantine World. Zipser, B. (ed.). Eikasmos, Vol. 2. p. 165-179 14 p. (Eikasmos Online).

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