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Royal Holloway, University of London
Egham Hill
TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

Research and postgraduate research training

Research is organised into three main research themes:


            Biomedical Sciences (BMS)                      Plant Molecular Sciences (PMS)                 Ecology Evolution and Behaviour (EEB)

Research degrees are offered within the research groups, leading to MPhil or PhD degrees. The Department also runs MSc by Research in Biological Sciences.


Research Facilities

Research facilities in the School include state of the art mass spectrometry, proteomics and metabolomics facilities, marine and freshwater aquaria, insect culture rooms, level-2 ACGM containment suites, a monoclonal antibody production unit, environmentally-controlled plant growth room, facilities for plant and animal cell culture, glasshouses, and an electrophysiology suite.Equipment in the School includes automated DNA and peptide sequencers (both operated as technical services), HPLC systems with a wide range of detectors, GC-MS, LC-electrospray and MALDI- TOF MS, phosphorimager, real time-quantitative PCR, scanning spectrofluorimeter, epifluorescence and confocal laser scanning microscopes, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, flow cytometer, and computing resources for molecular modelling and digital image-processing. We also have access elsewhere at RHUL to other analytical instrumentation including X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and multi-collector plasma source mass spectrometer.The School has access to extensive areas of natural habitat, allowing for fieldwork in disturbed habitats, semi-natural grassland and deciduous and coniferous woodland.  In addition, the School is close to sites of national scientific importance, including Box Hill, Chobham Common and Burnham Beeches.

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