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Postal address:
Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey
Phone: +44 1784 443927

This group brings together researchers and practitioners interested in exploring the broad spectrum of British theatre and performance in an international context since the 1960s. This will include plays and live art and paratheatricality, cultural policy, criticism and creativity, revivals and applied drama, directing and acting, writing and designing, companies, buildings and theory.

Key research themes:

  1. politics and ethics
  2. forms and contexts
  3. theoretical perspectives
  4. the global context


Click on the links to hear mp3 recordings of these events. All are made available under a Creative Commons 'Attribution Non-commercial' license, allowing non-commercial use, adaptation and distribution, as long as the event is fully attributed. See more here.

Meg Mumford
A paper on German theatre company Rimini protokoll and their latest 'reality' show, Mr Dağacar and the Golden Tectonics of Trash. Given by Dr Meg Mumford of the University of New South Wales at the Drama Department on 6 December 2010.

Tim Crouch
Interview with Dan Rebellato, Studio Theatre, 25 November 2009. A wide-ranging interview but focusing particularly on his then-recent The Author, performed at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs. The event was held under the auspices of the Contemporary British Theatre research group.

Sarah Kane
Interview with Dan Rebellato, Studio Theatre, Royal Holloway, 3 November 1998

Theatre Critics in the Spotlight
Panel discussion: Kate Bassett, Lyn Gardner, Mark Shenton, and Ian Shuttleworth, interviewed by Karen Fricker and Sheryl Hill, 26 February 2010. This event brought together leading London theatre critics for an evening of conversation about the changing craft of theatre criticism. How is the decline of print media and the rise of Web 2.0 affecting 21st-century theatre criticism? How do these critics understand the relationship between themselves, their readers, and the theatre industry? What advice can they offer to the next generation of critics and theatre practitioners? The event was co-organised by members of staff and Student Workshop.



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