This research theme comprises several closely interacting groups: BiodiagnosticsNanophysics and Nanotechnology; Quantum DevicesQuantum Fluids and SolidsQuantum MatterTheory of Condensed Matter and Cold Atoms.

The experimental groups exploit world class facilities in the London Low Temperature Laboratory at Royal Holloway to explore new states of quantum matter and devices whose operation is governed by quantum principles. The Centre for Nanophysics and Nanotechnology has pioneered nano-scale devices fabricated by electron beam lithography. The Crystal Growth Laboratory prepares the large single crystals necessary to investigate new states of electronic quantum matter by neutron scattering. Extensive use is made of nearby large scale facilities such as the ISIS Neutron Spallation Source, and the Diamond Light Source, as well as international facilities.

The Biodiagnostics group expands our strong interest in developing new instrumentation, working on new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and THz detectors for applications in biological and medical diagnostics.

The Theory group brings together research on strongly correlated materials and cold atoms in the Hubbard Theory Centre.

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