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The Centre for Archaeo-Architectural Reconstruction (CAAR) was formed in 2010 as a group of researchers sharing a common interest in aspects of reconstruction from archaeological evidence. It currently consists of three members of staff in the Department of Classics with archaeological expertise and interests. Prof Amanda Claridge runs the Laurentine Shore Project, which is mapping and reconstructing a substantial tract of Rome's maritime façade (see LINK shore) and also works extensively with reconstructions in the architecture and topography of the city of Rome.  Dr Jari Pakkanen (currently on secondment as Director of the Finnish Institute in Athens) concentrates on Greek architecture and especially on digital technologies, statistics and computer simulations in architectural and archaeological research. Prof Boris Rankov has been conducting research into ancient warships since 1987, with particular emphasis on the reconstruction of the ancient trireme and the sheds located around the Mediterranean in which the warships were housed.

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