When it's 'good' to be 'bad' - Pint of Science talk as part of the 'Food for Thought' event

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Public Lecture/debate/seminar

Michelle Webster - Participant

Culturally, certain foods are characterised as ‘good’ and others as ‘bad’, and these connotations are often transferred onto the people who consume them. In our culture, we tend to view people as ‘bad’ for eating high-fat and high-sugar foods, and ‘good’ for consuming healthier options. For parents, such judgements extend to the food choices made on behalf of their children. So what happens when children need to adopt high-fat diets to manage a drug-resistant disease?
21 May 2019


TitleFood for Thought
CountryUnited Kingdom
Degree of recognitionLocal event

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