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Daniela Berghahn - Speaker

Secrets, Lies and Family Feuds in the Diaspora Space

Based on the premise that families are held together by their shared remembering and their complicit forgetting (Kuhn 2002), this paper investigates the significance of family secrets in Lola and Bilidikid (Kutlug Ataman, 1999) and Hidden/Caché (Michael Haneke, 2005). In both films the disclosure of a family secret culminates in a destabilization of family ties, violence and even death. The acts of remembrance and forgetting, the repressions and blind spots which haunt the family are inextricably linked to the social taboos and collective amnesias that govern Turkish German and French Algerian histories and encounters in the ‘diaspora space’.

Convenor, chair and speaker of a pre-constituted panel at the SCMS Conference in New Orleans. Panel Title: Citizens of Plural Worlds: Family and Nation in the Age of Globalisation
10 Mar 201113 Mar 2011


Duration10 Mar 201113 Feb 2012
CityNew Orleans
CountryUnited States

Event: Conference


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