'Locked Up Living' podcast - Researching life imprisonment (Guest episode)

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Serena Wright - Contributor

Susie Hulley - Contributor

Ben Crewe - Contributor

On this special guest episode of Locked Up Living, myself, Ben Crewe and Susie Hulley discuss our research on the implications of life imprisonment for young men and women.

Find the podcast, released 5th January 2022, on Podbean, or via the Locked Up Living website, below:

From the producers: 'Their powerful experiences convey the deep and lasting sadness for all arising from such tragic events and the richness of their descriptions help us grasp the basic humanity of all those involved. This is quite a long podcast and may need two sittings. It is worth the listen and we found that the creative process, clearly evident in their work, was rekindled in the conversation itself'.
5 Jan 2022

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