Inquiring Systems in the Management Classroom: A Way to Rediscover Creativity? UK Annual Operational Research Conference, University of Kent, UK, September 2019

Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentation

José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón - Speaker

This paper/book in progress presentation aims to maintain dialogue between applied systems thinking and creativity initially proposed by Córdoba-Pachón (2019) by focusing on how inquiring systems designs, as initially proposed by Churchman, could be enhanced to help enhance if not rediscover creativity.

The argument developed is that the integration of enquirers (students, teachers) within the system itself (classroom) could be transcending so as to promote reconciliation of dualities including subject-object or subject-environment. This needs critical and self-reflection on the trajectory of inquiry to go beyond established classroom and educational boundaries of an experiential system under study, so that self-other assumptions could be reflected and debated upon.

Together with an identified natural notion of creativity that seems to encompass our efforts to nurture creativity in management, the systems thinking ideas of Churchman and Banathy, together with the philosophies of authenticity of Charles Taylor and retroprogression of Salvador Paniker are presented and further developed towards enabling creativity rediscovery through self-transcendence.
5 Sep 2019

Event (Conference)

TitleUK Operational Research Society Annual Conference
Abbrev. TitleUK Operational Research Conference
LocationUniversity of Kent
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
Degree of recognitionInternational event

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