Film Popularity, Viewers' Values, and Values Expressed in Film Narratives: An Empirical Investigation

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Danica Giles - Speaker

Many film and screenwriting scholars agree that film narratives express social or personal values. Also, it is often suggested that viewers engage with these values by comparing them with their own and that films whose underlying values are universally appealing are internationally more successful. However, none of these ideas seem to have been tested empirically yet. Hence, the present work seeks to fill this gap by conducting two empirical studies. The first, a lab study, will investigate whether viewers like films more the more these align with their own values, and the second, an online and archival study, will explore whether films expressing universally preferred values achieve higher worldwide audience ratings and box office results than films expressing less preferred values. The paper presented the theoretical background and study designs.
Jun 2019

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TitleSCSMI Conference 2019
Abbrev. TitleThe Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image
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