Enacting the urban landscape: running as an everyday practice

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Simon Cook - Participant

In recent years, relational thinking in landscape and urban studies in general, and mobility and performative studies in specific, have provided new ways of conceptualizing landscape, in which the importance of everyday practices, rhythms and mobilities are acknowledged. Key examples are research on walking and bicycling, which has facilitated a critique on urban planning and its taken-for-granted focus on the car. The landscape, however, is constituted by a multitude of mobilities, with partially different methodological challenges; this calls for a wider discussion on everyday mobilities, including various ways of running.
In this course we focus on the emerging field of studies of running and its implications for the understanding and design of the urban landscape. Runners, like bicyclists, pedestrians, skiers and car-drivers, interact with the landscape in particular ways. Runners do not just run anywhere and anyhow; they enact with the landscape in particular rhythms, following certain routines, and, if they can chose, run on certain routes. By gaining better knowledge of why and how the runners interact with the urban landscape, we can inform planners on how to develop a more inclusive urban environment for wellbeing. Running is not only an important case as such, but also an interesting case for methodological discussions on how to study the enactment of the landscape.
This course is combined with an international seminar, which aims to discuss how to study runners and their interaction with the (sub)urban landscape. Focus is set on running as an everyday activity, rather than on sport events (or on the sport as such).
The interdisciplinary research project Reinterpreting fitness running: a topological study for healthy cities provides a base for the PhD course, in terms of international contacts, and research overview.
6 May 20158 May 2015

Enacting the urban landscape: running as an everyday practice

Duration6 May 20158 May 2015

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