Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) #8161220 'Annual Festival of Social Science Sponsored Event - Entrepreneurship, Wellbeing and Innovation' 10th Nov 2015, Manchester Art Gallery

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Public Lecture/debate/seminar

Robert Lee - Organiser

Heinz Tuselmann - Panel participant

Eleanor Shaw - External Reviewer

This event was a half-day interactive seminar at Manchester Art Gallery for owner managers and policymakers that discussed the wellbeing features (workplace, leisure) owner managers’ should prioritise to benefit innovation. The seminar disseminated preliminary findings from my British Academy/Leverhulme Trust funded project ‘Entrepreneurship, Wellbeing and Innovation’ (Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, University of Strathclyde Business School collaboration). In addition, guest speakers (Dr John Haworth, Dr Katherine Taylor) talked about their previous wellbeing research funded by different Research Councils.
10 Nov 2015

ID: 30802388