Dada's Women and War - lecture for Runnymede Literary Festival 2014, Royal Holloway

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Festival/exhibition

Ruth Hemus - Speaker

Lecture 'Dada's Women and War': Dada began in 1916 with a call to Cabaret, rather than a call to arms, by the expatriate German writer Hugo Ball. The young men he gathered in neutral Zurich would go on to export the movement to Paris and Berlin. But what of the young women? This lecture will highlight three individuals - Emmy Hennings, Suzanne Duchamp and Hannah Höch - focusing on their artistic reactions to war in those three geographical locations.

Lecture given as part of the Runnymede Literary Festival 2014 organised by Prof Robert Hampson.
14 Mar 2014

ID: 19182445