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Kristen Kreider - Participant

    bookartbookshop features the publications of some of Britain’s best-known artist presses and publishers of artists’ books, as well as books from abroad. The shop is a centre and a service for individual & institutional collectors, artists, publishers and the aesthetically and bibliographically curious. It is presently a not-for-profit organisation ploughing back any profits into the improvement of the enterprise, and while it aspires to have a team of full paid staff it is still dependant partly upon volunteer labour.

    As well as being a place to bring books to sell and find books to buy, bookartbookshop also presents discussions, meetings, exhibitions, a poster wall, lectures, book launches, and educational activities all focusing on the relatively inexpensive multiple book work.

    In 2004 Kristen Kreider exhibited 'I, at the threshold of and interdiction --;' and performed 'Just above a whisper' as part of the LLAW project curated for the bookartbookshop.
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