When East met West: the Reception of Latin Philosophical and Theological Thought in Late Byzantium: Acts of the Institute of Classical Studies International Byzantine Colloquium, London, 11-12 June 2012

Charalambos Dendrinos (Editor), John Demetracopoulos (Editor), Christiaan Kappes, Andrew Louth, Konstantinos Palaiologos, Vasos Pasiourtides, Richard Price, Christopher Wright

Research output: Book/ReportScholarly edition


The volume contains the Proceedings of the International Colloquium 'When East met West: the Reception of Latin Philosophical and Theological Thought in Late Byzantium' organised by the Institute of Classical Studies (ICS) of the University of London and the Hellenic Institute of Royal Holloway, University of London, as part of the 2012 ICS Byzantine Colloquiu, an annual event which explores elements of continuity and change in the classical tradition in Byzantium. The articles published in the present volume are annotated versions of the papers delivered at this scholarly gathering, which have been revised in the light of the discussion that followed their presentation. Their authors, both eminent and younger scholars, focus on Greek translations of Latin theological texts and the use of Latin patristic and theological sources in both published and unpublished Byzantine treatises. Taking as a point of departure new findings and approaches these articles discuss the ways and extent to which Palaeologan scholars and theologians were influenced by Western philosophical and theological thought, in particular the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, also looking at the reception of Augustine, the possible influence of John Duns Scotus on George Scholarius’ Trinitarian theology and how informed the Latin theologians that took part in the debates at the Council of Florence were of their own tradition.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBari
PublisherNicolaus, Rivista di Teologia ecumenico-patristica, Istituto di Teologia Ecumenica San Nicola di Bari
Number of pages136
VolumeFasc. 1
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • Latin theology
  • Greek theology
  • Byzantium
  • Late Byzantium
  • Reception
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Thomistic thought
  • Demetrios Chrysoloras
  • Demetrios Kydones
  • Matthaios Blastares
  • Matthaios Vlastares
  • Demetrius Cydones
  • Prochoros Kydones
  • Prochorus Cydones
  • Nilos Kabasilas
  • Nilus Cabasilas
  • Scholasticism
  • Palaeologan period
  • Theolgy
  • Philosophy
  • Orthodox Church
  • Orthodox theology
  • Council of Florence
  • Theological dialogue
  • Union of Churches
  • George Scholarios
  • Gennadius

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