What You Know Can Help You Find Your Purpose

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This international co-creation is an example of what we can achieve via collaboration and exchange. When we see that nothing goes right, that everything turns grey or even black, when we feel that we are all alone…we do need a little reminder of the fact that we are miracles who can actually create miracles! Every single little effort we can achieve for something better, every single little effort we can make to share a smile, every single little breath we take, is an actual miracle!

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I wake up every morning to question myself: Can what you know help you find your purpose?
I am extremely curious! I remember well my childhood when I was always trying something different, even when playing with my friends around. Today, I feel that it is my curiosity that made me who I am—and I wake up every day to keep my curiosity alive. This gives me a sense of purpose in my life. Have you ever heard the expression “Curiosity killed the cat”? It’s a strange expression, but the idea behind it is that curiosity can lead you into a potentially dangerous situation—curiosity is not safe. This one odd phrase has been leading people away from thinking curiously for centuries. Living according to this phrase is unfortunate. “Ones who live their lives without curiosity are living without one of the key elements of true genius.”

Wake up every day with a single purpose in your mind—how to develop your curiosity and use your genius within. To get started on your journey to unique genius through curiosity, you can begin by asking yourself some of these questions:

● Who are my most inspiring role models?
● What is my heart’s deepest desire?
● What legacy would I like to leave behind?

These questions will allow you to think deeply about your life and lead you to question the values you hold, how they were developed, and why you consider them important. This type of intrinsically curious thinking encourages you to explore every area of your life, expanding your mind in ways that you never thought possible. This type of thinking leads to developing your true identity and therefore leads you to a finding a fulfilling purpose within your life, one that uses your genius the way it’s intended to be used!
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2020

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