Video Shakkei: Post-Performance Drawings

Kristen Kreider, James O'Leary

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


A series of drawings, as word-and-image composites, reflecting on the process and practice of site-specific performance and time-based drawing in Video Shakkei - a series of 14 performances or 'live drawings' enacted in locations throughout the Kansai region of Japan. Commissioned by The International Centre for Drawing at RMIT Melbourne in Australia as part of the Drawing Out festival and conference (April 2010), the drawings were generated throughout five stages, the first three of which were realised remotely in conjunction with Fine Art students at RMIT.* There are five pieces in total, each produced directly on a wall panel of approximately 3m x 5m and interlinked in a vertically ascending space.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationRMIT University in Melbourne, Australia
PublisherThe International Centre for Drawing
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2010


  • Video Shakkei
  • RMIT
  • Drawing Out
  • Video Shakkei

    Kreider, K. & O'Leary, J.


    Project: Research

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