The Development of Electronics Engineers: A Japanese/UK Comparison: A Preliminary Report

Keith Thurley, Alice Lam, John Lorriman

Research output: Working paper

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The Issues (Excerpt from Chapter One) 1 . Improving the Skill Formation Process as an Answer to Shortages of IT and Electronics Engineering staff. The performance of enterprises in the electronics industry are core and more dependent on the motivation and talents of their technical staff. As the microelectronics' revolution 'spreads throughout manufacturing industry, commerce and the service sectors, so 'the same dependence develops . One immediate result Is the growth of shortages - or alleged shortages - of engineering and technician staff. In most countries, manpower planners have argued that there is a fundamental shortfall in the supply of trained engineers with elec tronics specialisation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1988


  • Electronic Engineers
  • Japanese
  • Management

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