The 10 Natural Rules for Reengineering Your Business and Personal Life

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Do you want to transform your life into something truly amazing and extraordinary? Do you want to really live, rather than simply exist? You can do it and this book will show you how!Millions, perhaps even billions of people on the planet, are simply living from day to day, doing a mundane job they hate, being in a relationship that is toxic or not spending the time doing the things they want to. It can seem like an endless wheel of despair, but there is a way to escape from this tedium.Inside this book, The 10 Natural Rules for Reengineering Your Business and Personal Life, you will discover the way to lead an extraordinary life, from one who has done just that, with chapters that include: Take charge of your time Values are the foundation of fulfilment Leave your comfort zone Daily planning give you focus Change your beliefs to change your behaviors Self-esteem comes from within And more… Living an extraordinary life is an achievable aim for each and every one of us. All that is required is the ability to understand what is required and the motivation to take action. You can do all of that with the help of this book. Read and reflect now and start to live an extraordinary life today! "Ailson is the best coach one could ever have. Full of knowledge and life stories that motivates. He has helped me to achieve my best potential and I would like to thank Ailson from the bottom of my heart." Sonam Gurung, The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, London, UK "What is most rare about Ailson is that he gives you this unique stamina and motivation to succeed. He showed me several times, as my mentor, that ‘nothing is impossible if you put your mind into it." Alice Pugnet, Fujitsu Global, Paris, France." Ailson makes you believe in your goals and help you set a clear path on how to achieve them. I can highly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to attend some of his workshops and inspirational talks to do so." Richard Hoffmann, Grupo Peñaflor, Buenos Aires & Mendoza, Argentina “My personal highlight of this book will definitely be “Leave your comfort zone”. It is true that only when pushing oneself out of their comfort zone that one realises how much they can actually achieve in life.I am too somewhat lost for a brief moment but I think that is the reason why books like yours exist. They are here to remind ourselves of what life is all about. We should always learn to be happy and live an extraordinary life by any means possible. I am eager to apply your ten natural steps to my everyday life! I am awakened by your guidance and I believe it is possible if we try!” Mavis YangJPMorgan Chase & Co., Singapore
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Place of PublicationUK and USA
Number of pages140
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jun 2019

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