Step Feather Stitch: Duet performance based on an unfaithful reading of embroidery and social dance instructions. Media: Dance/voice/recorded composition/sewn paper sculpture. The output for REF is a portfolio containing recordings, images, sewn scores and other supporting contextual material including co-authored article (Brixey-Williams, Julie & Worth, Libby ‘Step Feather Stitch: an unfaithful reading’, Choreographic Practices, 2012, vol.3, pp.43-63).

Libby Worth, Jullie Brixey-Williams

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


Dance/visual art performance devised from working with 'scores' or instructions for social dance and for embroidery.Funded by the Stanley Picker Trust, this performance was a development from a work-in-progress duet The second line of long-and-short, facing performed as part of POLYply 6: The Score (13 January 2011, Centre for Creative Collaborations, Kings Cross, London). The research enquiry spanning these performances focussed on processes, strategies and concepts to generate shared artistic terrain for dancers and visual artists. Worth (dance) and Brixey-Williams (visual art) sought interaction across art forms using the medium of ‘the score’ to facilitate the process. Instructions for embroidery and for social dance were applied in reverse (sewing the dances and dancing the stitch patterns) to disrupt settled working practices and preferences.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOPEN Ealing,113 Uxbridge Road, London W5 5TL
SizeTwenty minute live performance
Publication statusPublished - 2 Mar 2012

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