Spying on Rousseau: 'Le Devin' at Fontainebleau in 1752

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When Jean-Jacques Rousseau's 'Le Devin du village' was first given at Fontainebleau, it still lacked its final divertissement and mime-sequence, so a substitute scene (now lost) was arranged, using other musical sources. But in a collection of operatic solo songs designed for domestic consumption, we find hitherto unregarded evidence for one song heard in 'Le Devin' on that occasion. New words had been added, probably by Nicolas Fanton, to a vaudeville melody, 'Nanon et moi'. Notational peculiarities within the same song collection are observable in now-familiar melodies by Rousseau also reported as heard at Fontainebleau, allowing the deduction that someone present had indeed pirated what they had heard, and passed their transcriptions to the publisher.
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  • Rousseau, Le Devin du village, Fontainebleau,

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