Rathband: A Digital Tragedy

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Rathband is a 3-part drama about the last 20 months in the life of a tough Northern Policeman. PC David Rathband was 43 when he shot and blinded by Raoul Moat. For an absurd week, he was a worldwide news. Even Gazza turned up to help at the siege of Rothbury with beer and chicken. Ray Mears was parachuted in track the Moat over the moors. At one point ten percent of the British armed forces were in some way involved. Somewhere in this maelstrom, a policeman was shot and Britain was changed. This drama freezes this moment and unpacks all the changes that our digital lives are having on the way we make sense of the world. The collapse of public and private, the birth of narcissism on a mass scale, our sheer loss of concentration and our inability to put down our screens. It all became manifest on July 4th 2010.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Apr 2017


  • David Rathband, Podcast, Play, BBC Award Winning

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