Not so I-Deal: A Critical Review of Idiosyncratic-Deals Theory and Research

Neil Conway, Jacqueline A. -M. Coyle-Shapiro

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We put i-deals under the microscope and critically review its definition, theory and empirical evidence with the aim of provoking debate about this intriguing idea. We scrutinize definitions of i-deals, highlighting confusing aspects and critique its features. We assess the offered theoretical mechanisms linking i-deals to putative outcomes, and consider whether i-deals provide a novel lens to understanding the employee-organization relationship. We consider how i-deals research findings could – rather than showing the benefits of i-deals – be interpreted as reflecting how i-deals may damage employment relations and unit-level productivity. Finally, we identify problems with the ways i-deals have been measured and raise concerns about the research designs employed in empirical studies.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIdiosyncratic Deals between Employees and Organizations
Subtitle of host publicationConceptual issues, applications and the role of co-workers
EditorsMatthijs Bal, Denise Rousseau
PublisherPsychology Press
ISBN (Electronic)9781315771496
ISBN (Print)9781848724457
Publication statusPublished - 2015

Publication series

NameCurrent Issues in Work and Organizational Psychology
PublisherPsychology Press

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