'Lives at the limit' (provisional title): : dealing with defeat in the dark twentieth century (provisional subtitle)

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The book explores the process of 'loss and becoming' through five lives from Europe’s dark mid-twentieth century, each of whom afterwards used different and contrasting strategies to deal with the extreme defeats of those years, defeats which were both personal and political. The five lives thus form a bridge between the instability and struggle of their world and of our own. The book works outwards from the war of 1936-9 in Spain where the opportunity to confront and defeat Nazism was missed, causing all of Europe, and then the world, to be engulfed by war and mass killing - off the battlefield as much as on it. All five came through similarly searing experiences of engagement, hope, disappointment, the defeat of a dream in wartime Spain – and then through its tense and violently explosive sequel across Europe and beyond. The missed opportunity in Spain in part explains why that war still haunts our present in unique ways – just as it would haunt all of the five lives, whose contrasting histories thereafter traverse countries, continents and cultural worlds, as well as genders and sexualities.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages300
Publication statusIn preparation - 2019

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