Les Houches 'Physics at Tev Colliders 2003' QCD/SM Working Group: Summary Report

M. Dobbs, S. Frixione, E. Laenen, A. De Roeck, K. Tollefson, J. Andersen, C. Balazs, A. Banfi, S. Berge, W. Bernreuther, T. Binoth, A. Brandenburg, C. Buttar, Q-H. Cao, G. Corcella, A. Cruz, I. Dawson, V. Del Duca, V. Drollinger, L. DudkoT. Eynck, R. Field, M. Grazzini, J. P. Guillet, G. Heinrich, J. Huston, Nikolas Kauer, N. Kidonakis, A. Kulesza, K. Lassila-Perini, L. Magnea, F. Mahmoudi, E. Maina, F. Maltoni, M. Nolten, A. Moraes, S. Moretti, S. Mrenna, P. Nadolsky, Z. Nagy, F. Olness, I. Puljak, D. A. Ross, A. Sabio-Vera, G. P. Salam, A. Sherstnev, Z. G. Si, T. Sjostrand, P. Skands, E. Thome, Z. Trocsanyi, P. Uwer, S. Weinzierl, C. P. Yuan, G. Zanderighi

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


This report documents the results obtained by the Working Group on Quantum Chromodynamics and the Standard Model for the Workshop `Physics at TeV Colliders'', Les Houches, France, 26 May - 6 June 2003. After a Monte Guide description, the first contributions report on progress in describing multiple interactions, important for the LHC, and underlying events. An announcement of a Monte Carlo database, under construction, is then followed by a number of contributions improving parton shower descriptions. Subsequently, a large number of contributions address resummations in various forms, after which follow studies of QCD effects in pion pair, top quark pair and photon pair plus jet production. After a study of electroweak corrections to hadronic precision observables, the report ends by presenting recent progress in methods to compute finite order corrections at one-loop with many legs, and at two-loop.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 9 Mar 2004


  • hep-ph

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