How Maulana Jamal Mian Becme Pakistani

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Jamal Mian had been a member of the Muslim League High Comman whic led the campaign for Pakistan. After Partition, however, he intended to stay in India; this was where the family madrasa was and this was where the holy places which were the centre of his devotional life were situated. The chapter shows how after Partition the only way in which he could earn money to support the family madrasa and tolook after his family was by setting up business in Pakistan. For ten years he travelled relatively easily across the new national frontier, mixing with the elites of both countries. Eventually, elemens probably in the lower levels of the Indian bureaucracy decided that this should not longer happen. The Indian govt impounded his passport and forced him to decide which citizenship he would have. For Jamal Mian this is the first stage his experience of the ripping apart of the fabric of the old united Indian life.
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Title of host publicationHidden Histories
Subtitle of host publicationReligion and Reform in South Asia
EditorsSyed Akbar Hyder, Manu Bhagavan
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  • Jamal Mian Partition of India

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