Going in Green: Reflections on the Challenges of ‘Getting In, Getting On, and Getting Out’ for Doctoral Prisons Researchers

Jennifer Sloan, Serena Wright

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


This chapter engages with the lived emotions and experiences of ’going in green’ to prisons research – the experience of novice prison researchers. Both authors undertook prisons research as part of the PhD process. The chapter details the authors’ positive experiences of prisons research, as well as utilising some of the problems experienced as parables designed to help the first-time prisons researcher expect the unexpected. It offers instructional tips on gaining access, on conducting oneself in the prison environment during the research process, and on ‘getting out’ when the time comes to leave the field behind. Finally, the chapter also draws on the advice and guidance of experienced prisons researchers, to guide neophytes in ‘getting in, getting on, and getting out’ of prison-based research.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe International Handbook of Prison Ethnography
EditorsRod Earle, Deborah Drake, Jennifer Sloan
Place of PublicationHoundmills
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Number of pages21
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-137-40388-9
ISBN (Print)978-1-137-40387-2
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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NamePalgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology
PublisherPalgrave MacMillan
ISSN (Print)137403872
ISSN (Electronic)137403889

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