Conrad Contracts: Dramatisations, Books and Translations

Robert Hampson, John Peters

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This is an analysis of a collection of over fifty Conrad contracts from the office of Conrad's agent, J.B. Pinker. They relate to dramatisations of Conrad's works, republications of works, and translations of Conrad's works. In each case, the contract has been contextualised by reference to the subsequent performance history in relation to dramatisations, publication history of republished work, and publication and reception history in relation to translations. The essay adds another piece to the publication and reception history o Conrad's works.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)76-102
Number of pages27
JournalThe Conradian
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jul 2022


  • Joseph Conrad
  • Contracts
  • dramatisations
  • translations
  • J.B. Pinker
  • One Day More
  • Victory
  • Almayer's Folly
  • The Secret Agent
  • The Rescue
  • Lord Jim
  • The Rover
  • An Outcast of the Islands
  • Laughing Anne
  • The Lagoon
  • The Arrow of Gold
  • The Book of Job
  • 'Twixt Land and Sea
  • Within the Tides
  • Tales of Hearsay
  • A Set of Six
  • The Mirror of the Sea
  • Nostromo
  • The Shadow Line
  • Fischer Verlag
  • Kenkyusha
  • Martins Forlag
  • Nouvelles Revue Francaise
  • Montaner y Simon

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