Cassie & Corey: A Drum & Bass Musical about Eating Disorders

Christopher Hogg (Photographer)

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance

Abstract At a time when young people in lockdown may be increasingly susceptible to anxiety that fuels eating disorders, a new online comedy musical has been launched to help those affective or at risk, talk about the problem. Cassie & Corey is a drum ‘n’ bass musical podcast, available on smartphones, may prove to be an effective way to stimulate engagement and dialogue – a crucial first step to finding solutions. Eating Disorders often go hand in hand with negative body image, and for young people, negative body image is an open door to anxiety and depression. According to research, early awareness results in swifter treatment and a better long-term outcomes. Dr Simon Chapman, Consultant in Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Department of Child Health, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust says: “The last 50 years have seen a sharp increase in obesity, often amongst the most deprived in society, with a parallel rise in distress and unhappiness. Obesity is not thought of as an eating disorder, but having obesity influences the physical and emotional wellbeing of those who experience it, and fear of it fuels anxiety in others for whom body weight and shape already dominate their thoughts. Eating disorders (of which there are several types) collectively affect up to 8% of the UK population at any one time. Although the incidence of anorexia nervosa has not changed much over time, other types of eating disorder (bulimia and binge-eating disorder in particular) have risen sharply. All eating disorders can have consequences for your health. If you think you might have an eating disorder, or have worries or anxieties about your eating, weight or shape, seeking help early (through your GP or CAMHS if you are under 18y) can prevent it developing into a bigger problem).” The project has been funded by ACE (Arts Council England) in response to the unprecedented mental health crisis among teens and young adults. BBC award-winner Christopher Hogg collaborated with South London all-girl Drum’n’Bass crew Girls Take Action (GTA) to create an utterly original piece of new writing for smartphones.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationItunes/Spotify
Media of outputOnline
Size6 Episode Musical Drama
Publication statusPublished - 19 Apr 2020

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