Values and committed action for inpatients with acquired brain injury and depression: A Single Case Experimental Design

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ABI has a devastating effect on the lives of many people. Survivors face long lasting changes to cognitive, emotional, and physical abilities; life changes profoundly. Not surprisingly, psychological distress is common and can be more disabling than primary cognitive and physical impairment. A major impact of an ABI is that it severely compromises an individual’s ability to participate in activities that give their life meaning, purpose and vitality, especially in the context of mood difficulties. The values and committed action components of ACT, which can be successfully delivered independent of other ACT components, offer a trandiagnostic method for connecting individuals with life areas that are deeply meaningful and that, with support, can be brought to the forefront of traditional neurorehabilitation. This project will develop and evaluate a values-based intervention for inpatients with ABI and depression using single case experimental design.
Short titleValues and ABI
Effective start/end date1/03/20 → 1/03/21