The Role of Digital Diplomacy in Changing the Image of "Rogue States"

  • Hashem, Ali (PI)

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Iran’s foreign policy went through several phases during the last four decades, since the 1979 revolution. Yet, the changes the ones that occurred in the last 7 years were very significant as they saw the Islamic Republic subscribing into the world of digital diplomacy in both its attempts to reinvent its image in the eyes of the world in accordance with the making of the nuclear deal or to introduce a new defensive mechanism in the age of US President Donald Trump whose use of Twitter in the context of international relations made digital diplomacy more of a weapon than a tool.
I'm looking to address the question of the impact Iranian digital diplomacy had on the country's image and in its war of words with Trump, was it an effective tool and is the strategy adopted by Tehran making difference.

Layman's description

Was Twitter a Sustainable Tool in Changing the Image of Iran During and after the Nuclear Talks?
Effective start/end date11/02/1910/02/20


  • iran
  • digital diplomacy
  • international relations
  • nuclear talks