The Reconstruction of a Fashion City and the Reinvention of the Fashionable Self in Austerity London (1945-51)

  • Ross, Cathy (CoI)

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This project is an AHRC collaborative doctoral project with the Museum of London.
It is a study of fashion and femininity in post-war London. It explores the relationships between womenswear, cultures and economics of austerity and the landscapes of a damaged and rebuilding city. This is a relatively neglected period in London's fashion history, where considered at all addressed only through considerations of the impact of rationing, or through a standard narrative of the impact of the 'New Look'. Drawing upon the collections, networks and expertise of the Museum of London, the project will produce a more complex understanding of the interrelationships between the wearing of clothing, the projection of identity, cultures of austerity and reconstruction, and the re-emergence of the fashion industry and consumer cultures.

AH/L003430/1 £61,128

Co-supervisor at MoL: Beatrice Behlen

Student: Bethan Bide
AcronymAusterity Fashion
Effective start/end date1/10/13 → …